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Powder Painting

powder painting - Montreal - Montérigie - Quebec

Powder paint coating is ideal for:

  • Industrial production : lighting fixtures, office furniture and more
  • Military and agricultural components
  • Construction components
  • Automobile, ATV, motocyle : frames, wheels and parts

We specialize in industrial production.

5 reasons to choose Quéfer powder painting

  1. Greater resistance to scratching
  2. Better protection against corrosion
  3. Only a single application is required
  4. Thicker coating with no streaking or dripping
  5. Solvent free, it is cheaper and offers environmental and health/safety benefits


Our integrated powder painting service is greatly appreciated by many manufacturers of lighting fixtures, office furniture and chair frames, as well as by military and agricultural clients. Our 3-stage electrostatic powder painting system has a capacity of 30 in. wide × 44 in. high × 96 in. long.

Using our powder painting service allows you to avoid the middleman and save time. You can also benefit from reduced logistics and transportation costs, as you don’t have to move your components from one supplier to another.

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